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I'm Meteorologist Dan Satterfield. I work as a forecaster on TV and write a blog about Earth Science for the American Geophysical Union the AGU.

The AGU is the largest scientific organization in the U.S.

I really LOVE weather and this page is my way of sharing the wonders of the atmosphere and all of science with you!

Take a look around and if you have a question drop me an email!

Dan has been to the TOP and the
BOTTOM of the WORLD in 2010!!!

Dan @ the South PoleDan has traveled a LOT this year. He went to the South Pole in January and in July he spent two weeks at the top of the World on the Greenland Ice Cap.

He was just a few hundred miles from the North Pole! You can see the pictures and movies of his trips on his WILD WILD SCIENCE blog on the AGU Blogosphere. Just click the links below!

Part 1 :: Science on the Ice
Part 2 :: Science on the Ice
Earth Guage goes to Antarctica

To watch the 4 part video series of Dan's experience at the bottom of the world... Click here

Dan has created a new website that addresses the topic of Climate Change. Dan's Wild Wild Climate Page. He has put together a ton of info and resources. All based on peer reviewed science for students from 12 to 90.


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Meteorologists need Geography to make their weather forecasts!
Rough Guide to Weather - by: Robert Henson The Rough Guide to Weather 
by: Robert Henson
Descriptions and statistics of the weather in dozens of countries and over two hundred destinations around the world. We also take you behind the scenes of the government forecasting centres, the TV studios and other places where your daily dose of weather information is crafted.
This is a great resource for students and teachers, alike. And, it was written by our life-long friend, Robert Henson!
me-te-o-rol-o-gy noun
[F or Gk; F météorologie, fr. MF, fr. Gk meteÖrologia, fr. meteÖron + -logia -logy] (1620)

1 :
a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and esp. with weather and weather forecasting
2 :
the atmospheric phenomena and weather of a region

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