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Huntsville Tornado Rated an EF2

We continue to get pics and video from viewers after yesterday’s tornado here in the Huntspatch (Huntsville AL).

Viewer Lauryn Draper shot some great video fo it and put it up on YouTube. The video was shot a few blocks from our studios. The tornado WAS on the ground through most of this video I suspect. Tornadoes are wind and not cloud, so just because you could not see the funnel in contact with the ground does not mean it wasn’t.  It began doing damage near the end of this video.

Viewer Cristie Clark sent me the video below from a different angle. You can hear the Tornado Sirens sounding across the city clearly.

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  1. Wow . . . I’m not even in college two full weeks (“officially” studying meteorology finally) and we have a tornado just a few miles away! Haha nice welcoming present I guess. And I suppose a nice “welcome home” for you. Congrats on your trip, have read some of those blogs but not all yet. As for the tornado as quick as it spun up (before radar caught it) . . . we’re really lucky no loss of life. But the spotters/NWS did an awesome job as did you TV guys. And the college staff got everyone to the basement within about 20 seconds (max) of the warning so . . . I give major kudos.


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