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Winter Forecast For North America

Image form the Climate Prediction Center NOAA. Click to make BIG.

The strong and developing La Nina means that a decent long range forecast of the winter is possible. La Nina, and it’s cousin El Nino, tend to produce predictable weather patterns over the winter months.

Something to keep in mind. The forecast is for the average of the winter months. An above average temperature does not rule out some brief severe cold outbreaks. A drier than normal winter does not mean a certain region will not get a big snow storm.

Image from NOAA.

That said, here is what we can say with the La Nina. The South and Southeast USA will likely be warmer and drier than normal. The Tennessee and Ohio Valleys may see some heavy rains and floods.

Here in North Alabama we could go either way. We are right on the line. 65% of the time we have a milder than normal winter with a La Nina.

La Nina’s tend to bring cold and snowy winters to the NW corner of North America. If you live in Vancouver BC, watch out! It might be a winter to remember!

Kentucky and Ohio look likely to be cool but quite wet.

You can check out the maps but remember this is an average for the winter months!

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